Mastering Location-Based Reminders in Todoist with Taskbone’s New “Location Labels” Feature

Are you finding the management of location-based reminders in Todoist tedious? Taskbone’s new feature, Location Labels for Todoist, is designed to streamline this aspect of task management.

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Bridging the Gap Between Notes and Tasks: Meet Our Obsidian Plugin for Todoist

Parts of productivity are about seamless transitions and linking components of our daily workflows. When our tasks and notes operate in harmony, efficiency goes up. That’s why we’ve designed the Obsidian Plugin for Todoist. The bridge that connects your tasks in Todoist with your notes in Obsidian, setting the foundation for a smoother and more integrated experience.

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Exporting Todoist Tasks to Markdown

Markdown files can be easily shared, providing a universal format that’s compatible with most text editing platforms. They are also easily readable without any specialized software. Make the most out of your Todoist data and create Markdown exports based on your specific needs.

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