Mastering Location-Based Reminders in Todoist with Taskbone’s New “Location Labels” Feature

Are you finding the management of location-based reminders in Todoist tedious? Taskbone’s new feature, Location Labels for Todoist, is designed to streamline this aspect of task management.

The Challenge

Setting up location-based reminders for individual tasks can often be a daunting process for many Todoist users. Let’s be honest, the user interface for this feature is not going to win any awards. I am not saying, Taskbone will win any, but it is an improvement for sure 🙂.

The Solution: Location Labels

Taskbone introduces Location Labels, a feature designed to automate the setup of location reminders in Todoist. This feature allows you to delegate the task of reminder setup to Taskbone, making your to-do management more efficient.

Screenshot of location label page

Screenshot of Location Labels feature in Taskbone

How Does It Work?

Taskbone’s Location Labels feature lets you manage your locations and labels through a user-friendly interface. Whenever you assign one of these labels to a task in Todoist, Taskbone will automatically add the corresponding location to the task.

Just a heads up: The creation of the location reminder can happen instantly, but may also take a few minutes. Just don’t stare at the screen waiting for it to happen. It WILL happen…

Is It For You?

If you’re a Todoist user who frequently utilizes location-based reminders or plans to do so but finds the setup process inconvenient, Location Labels could be a game-changer. For example, imagine you have a busy shopping day: group items by store and receive a reminder when you reach each store location. Or if you have a list of parks to visit during the summer, get notified each time you’re near one.

Try it now: Location Labels

If you are using the Desktop or Web version of Todoist and don’t want to leave the app, you can also use the Location-Labels UI Extension. Visit the documentation to see how.