Gets more out of your productivity tools

Taskbone is a growing set of tools to get more out of Obsidian and Todoist.

Keep Obsidian and Todoist in sync

  • Two-way-sync between tasks and notes
  • Automatically add links in both directions
  • Out of the box compatability with the popular Tasks Obsidian plugin
  • Flexible configuration options to fit your personal needs

Todoist Extension

This extension is for everyone who likes to structure their thoughts in plain text or needs some more templating options for Todoist.

  • Import your tasks and projects from a plain text format into Todoist with just a few clicks.
  • Maintain project templates directly in Todoist within task descriptions to set up recurring projects or tasks with predefined structures.
  • Export your projects as TaskPaper, Markdown, or Todo.txt to use them as templates for other applications or workflows.

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OCR for Obsidian

  • Extract text from images
  • Use templates for the text output