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Install the Plugin

The Taskbone plugin is not in the official plugin list, yet. It needs to be installed manually.

Download the plugin from here and unzip it in the .obsidian/plugins/ directory of your vault. If there is no plugins directory you need to create it first.

After you’re done, your directory structure should look like this:

└── myVaultDirectory
    └── .obsidian
        └── plugins
            └── taskbone

Enable the Plugin and Enter your API Key

After you started (or restarted) Obsidian, open the settings dialogue and the “Community plugins” settings. Enable the Taskbone plugin.

Screenshot of Obsidian

A Taskbone entry will show up in the PLUGIN OPTIONS section.

Open the Taskbone settings and enter your secret key:

Screenshot of Obsidian

Close the settings dialogue and you’re done.

Checkout the Plugin Documentation

Get in touch if you need any help!
Here some links you may find helpful to get started: